Vistime Solutions - Accounting

Vistime adds up as the most powerful data collaboration tool for recession times saving time and money. Vistime is able to assist you to excel in your account field from small businesses with a single book-keeper to an accounting firm.
In the instance of a book-keeper in a small business, there are times where figures will need to be checked with an accountant. Rather than going to the accountants office for a once-off check through the spreadsheet not to mention the standard business practice of printing the figures and then remembering to shred the paper afterwards! You are now able to simply drag and drop the file into vistime, then within minutes both parties are looking at the same figures at the same time - think of the time saved!
Vistime allows this to happen so smoothly by;

  • No need to book a session, simply open the application and invite your guest(s) to your session
  • Ability to view unsupported applications – take a screenshot of your MYOB dialog with one click within vistime
  • 256bit AES and SSL encryption for all session data within your session
  • Need the business manager to be in the session too? No problems just invite them in!