Vistime Overview

Vistime is a software product that allows a licensed session participant to invite colleagues, clients or any number or nominated participants into a secure session during which, all involved will be able to simultaneously view and interact with any supported document, image, video or 3D image through a simple and common interface, without the need for the originating software.

What makes vistime different?

Vistime is more than just a meeting tool. A participant can View, Annotate, Mark-up, Compare, Print & Save various files, be it a simple word document or a complex 3D engineering design or an architect's blueprint.

Ease of use

The well structured user interface enables session participants from any domain with little or no prior experience to similar tools to login in and get started in minutes - its Child's play!.


Vistime uses proprietary technical solutions like Arithmetic coding and Automatic Media Aspect Adjustment to compress data for communication while still retaining the integrity of the information. This results in high quality feeds to all participants despite poor internet connections. Display a piece of media on all participants monitors in exactly the same manner, irrespective of the individuals monitor resolution, format or size.

Fast Response

All performance driven features are run in an application which is native to the Operating System. The result being smooth low latency interaction over large files (3d, pdf, word, psd).

Using Client Side Input Prediction, vistime intelligently estimates where the mouse cursor is in a presentation and replicates those estimates along to all participants of the session which is very useful in a high latency network. Examples of high latency networks are from Australia to the United States which generally has a response time of 200 – 400 milliseconds, where-as local latency (within the same city) is usually under 30 milliseconds.


All communications and files in use within sessions are double encrypted using a combination of Secure Socket Layers and 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption mechanisms.
As a session originator, control or restrict the ability to print or save media file(s) by your attendees.


Vistime supports a distributed infrastructure. so if one server goes down it takes a few seconds for the client to be able to join another server. If you are on a critical session call with stakeholders across the globe, rest assured you can complete your meeting as planned.

Minimal Infrastructure / costs

Avoid requiring complicated software packages on every desktop and save on your training and software costs.


Vistime has an open plugin system to enable extensions for company service integration (IDOL, SharePoint), file support (domain specific formats ) and interaction behavior (3d/2d/video).This extensible plugin architecture and performance orientated method of client operation is what makes vistime a truly unique architecture.


Vistime's flexibility is its main strength. This makes it well positioned to easily incorporate the latest technologies including web technologies effectively. At its core, the client is a lightweight and effective viewing/markup system able to quickly manage a large amount of content. The content may be acquired from a web service, an application or added by the session participants themselves' (drop file). As a front-end for a web service ( cloud computing ) vistime is guaranteed (by design) to present the dynamic data from any source as effectively as possible.