Vistime Solutions - Healthcare

In the medical field timing is everything. The old way of posting and carrying large and heavy X-Rays could soon be replaced by the vistime client. An X-Ray centre will be able to upload an X-RAY in high definition to a session, have your local GP in the session within minutes looking at your XRAY. If you have to be referred to a specialist – no more carrying all the paper work to the specialists office, simply invite the specialist to the session and then all three parties can see the same XRAY(s) simultaneously all within minutes!

Vistime is able to make all this possible by;
  • No need to book a session, simply open the application and invite your guest(s) to your session
  • 256bit AES and SSL encryption for all session and data within your session
  • Allows multiple participants within a session to simultaneously view any selected media
  • Allows all participants use of the up-marking facilities
  • Live instant chat