Vistime Solutions - Government

Vistime is rapidly attracting government's attention all over the world as a dynamic recession fighting communications tool.

Secure, simple, easy to use, fast and efficient communications within government departments is becoming a necessity in today's world. Usually using security conscious applications are hard to use, not intuitive and generally hard for employees to use.

With vistime, if you know how to use Microsoft Paint, your already half way there!

Vistime allows users to;

  • Drag and drop documents, spreadsheets and other supported files straight into a session
  • Offer sessions in real-time, no more booking a session hours in advance
  • Secure environment. All data within the session is protected using AES and SSL technologies
  • Uses simple up-marking utilities, similar to those used in Microsoft Paint
  • Allows many users to simultaneously view files allowing the possibility for multi-department sessions.