Vistime Features - View

One Program Views Many File Formats

Avoid requiring complicated software packages on every desktop and save on your training and software costs.

Unified Viewer

Same easy interface for all file types with no training required.


Vistime maximizes your session's viewing for everyone by monitoring connection speeds and dynamically adjusting every attendees markup and editing capabilities. This insures you see smooth view transitions as they occur.

Excellent Navigation Tools

Navigating documents or drawings is easy with our dynamic Zoom/Pan tool, Magnifier (three modes).

Secure and Trackable through layers feature

Each annotation can be marked with a different color, the creator’s username, date and time and comments may be appended to each layer for future reference.

Concurrent Annotations

Allowing multiple session participants to markup, annotate and attach comments on the same file at the same time saving the need for continual resends.