Vistime Features - Tools


Extensive Print Features

Full range of print options and settings.
Print playlist file(s) (2d, 3d, marked up or not) to any local or networked printer.
Create a portable printer file for use in a printshop by using the encapsulated postscript print file capability.
Customize your printing page setup.Preview your print job.

Markup Tools

Pen, Rectangle, Line, Text, Arrow, Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Marquee Zoom

A full range of tools are provided to provide a robust and easy method to markup and traverse your files.


Save Playlists

Save any playlist file(s) (2d, 3d, marked up or not) to the PDF (Acrobat Portable Document Format) or PNG files.

Export Session Files

Export your entire conference files as PNG image files.

Screen Snapshots

Take a snapshot of the currently displayed playlist file.