Vistime Features - Collaboration


Connect customers, friends, employees, partners anywhere in the world within or beyond organizational boundaries and turn these relationships into strong procedures and money saving processes.

Empower Your People

Share knowledge with team members without having to make extensive travel plans.

Breakthrough Real Time Imaging

Real time display of playlist documents that can be marked up, to all session participants through patent pending graphical and communication methods virtually eliminating internet bandwidth limitations. Everyone see’s the same thing at the same time!

Concurrent Conferencing

Attend multiple sesions simultaneously via screen, chat and document sharing with instant and email invitations to people.

Collaborate on projects, reviews, decisions, training,support and more…

Project tasks, deadlines and status can all be shared instantly thus reducing project timelines and efforts. Review important documents and make important decisions quickly and without the need for travel. Train or provide support remotely.

Quick & Easy Secure

Startup in just a couple of minutes. Automatic setup and connection to secure servers for instant use.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop any supported file type into the sessions playlist for instant sharing. All session participants can mark up any displayed document via layers capabilities.Extensive list of file types, from mainstream industries. Document, graphics, videos, CAD, scientific, medical and more.

Easy To Use

A user friendly visual interface provides you with a product that is child's play.