Vistime Solutions - Corporate

Need all the directors present for a meeting to discuss confidential documents? What about informing all staff of a new procedure? How do you know all parties received the document and understood and agreed the paperwork in front of them?

Vistime assists you in the corporate sector by displaying exactly what you see on your screen, to all participants of your session. All session participants also have the ability to use the chat program or if entitled to, use the up-mark utilities to flag or highlight areas of interest. Sounds complicated? Well, if you know how to use Microsoft Paint – your half way there!

Vistime allows this to happen so smoothly by;

  • No need to book a session, simply open the application and invite your guest(s) to your session
  • With the smarts built into the vistime application and server, you can be rest assured if you can see the document, so can your guests no matter what software they have installed*
  • Ability to view unsupported applications – take a screenshot of your MYOB dialog with one click within vistime
  • 256bit AES and SSL encryption for all session and data within your session
* Use of the video function requires the correct codec to be installed.